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Based in Bradford, we offer a blinds and curtains service to homes and businesses throughout the area. At Unique colour blinds, we’ve built a great reputation thanks to our experience and the consistent quality of our work. Our friendly and professional staff are experts in the field and will be happy to give advice or suggestions On installing a new set of blinds at home. Call us on 07908829245 to learn more.

Tailored Approach

If you’re unsure about picking the best blinds for your window space, don’t hesitate to get ask one of our experienced upholsterers. We consider the style of your home as well as lighting requirements, measuring your blinds to be precision and prepping them for installation. You can always be guaranteed of a high-quality, tailored service with our loyal and experienced employees.

The Blind Services we Offer

We have a comprehensive knowledge of blinds in the industry, and we're happy to help you decide which style is best for you. We will install whichever products you choose – our specialists work quickly and professionally and leave your space thoroughly tidy. As far as cleaning, we offer specialist off-site cleaning for those styles which require it, while for others, we can come and clean in your home or place of work. Finally, we’ll ensure that any upkeep or maintenance work is seen in a timely fashion, and of course, we address repairs or other immediate concerns promptly.

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